Cafe Roma

by HFagelman ~ March 31st, 2012. Filed under: Tribute.

Welcome to the Free
You stand pissing in the same world as
Freaks and
Cops and
Beatnik Preacher Homosexual Revolutionaries
You drop water with
Kings and
Whores and
UPS men
The Exalted and
The truly evil
The likes of You pass time
And Wind here
Along with Doctors and
Lawyers and
Artists and
Politicians have reared ugly heads in here
Writers and
Confederates too
And the insane the
Insane have bathed in the very sink you
Wash your hands in
Cackling as the water slid over their
Fevered skins
Lovers have stopped here
Haters as well
Students Professors Runaways
The Spiritual and the Jaded
Spinning short tales of lust or devotion or both right where you
here in the cubby
In the inner sanctum
Deep in the secret heart of this
Holy Café

-Harry Sweet Feet Fagel 2000

Authors Note: This poem was written in tribute to the Cafe Roma, which used to reside at 4440 Maryland Parkway. It was the first place I read poetry out loud to others on a regular basis, and it was truly a magical place. Open mics, acoustic nights, “The Killers” Dayvid Figler, Trish Martin, Alex Getchell, Josh Brown, Biscuit Street Preacher, RU, Ken Jordan of Crystal Method, Romney the Rocket, Spit Newborn, Elizabeth Blau, Zog, Sonny, Roller Blading, Beth Carey, Saab Lofton, Steve Custer, Frank Masey, Crazy Bob, Kate Hausbeck, Scott Johnson, the list goes on and on, and just like the poem says, so very much more. I miss this spot still, and I am sure so many others do as well. I could list names until I ran out of band width, so if you read this and remember, please post. Filthy, amazing, Roma. R.I.P.

2 Responses to Cafe Roma

  1. Frank D.

    I remember watching you read at Roma. What an amazing time that was.

  2. A. Broderick

    Yes, saw you there. Just went there a lot, too.

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