Booze Rant

by HFagelman ~ March 31st, 2012. Filed under: Poetry.

Fighting back the Urge
To purge these words and
Erase myself again
Is uphill or bigger at times
But I sit and type anyway
Denying the frailty I face on a
Blank page
The sadly sad sad paper glaring white and
But for these mad ravings
The alcohol blurring my
Art like
Smeary skies or
wet sugar
or kisses in the sand
Gritty but bearable and
Curse my art
And its demand but keep it as a
Sacred Lover
I walk with it like all great passions
Thin lines between Love and Hate and
Wisps of real
Meaning spin out on occasion but mostly everything is
Genius hidden in the
Flowers in the
Shafts of light
Piercing storm clouds for seconds barely seen by
Naked eyes
Yet still the words flow
I hope Mankind will find them someday
Hidden in clay pots in mountain caves and
Brought forth into the light
Turned this way and that and beamed with
Radioactive isotopes
And creating wonder and puzzlement and questions of
Creation and in my long gone grave my long gone bones will
Knowing it was all just a
Booze rant

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