by HFagelman ~ March 31st, 2012. Filed under: Poetry.

She hides the money ol’ jelly jar
If he finds it he’ll kill her for sure
She wants to run so far so far
The Righteous sit back and hypothesize the reason for his allure
But he beats her
And she goes back
She’s simply too impure
Wide eyed little kiddies hold breath
Waitin’ for the smacking sound
5 year old who prays for death
Rather than see mama on the ground
Again again again
Lost little angel child waitin to be found
Calling the cops it not an answer
Daddies fists just get more furious
Oh can]t someone please cure this cancer
Its getting far to serious
The scholarly hold their chins and nod
Her behaviors oh so curious
So pennies and nickels and dimes go in
And slowly her nest egg builds
Shangri-la she’ll take her brood her kin
If it’s the good Lords will
But Daddy found the jelly jar
And that’s why she was killed

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