Baby Dreams

by HFagelman ~ March 31st, 2012. Filed under: Poetry.

Standing over you in
past midnight darkness
seeing your tiny form
nearly shapeless under blankets
Watching you sleep
little hands relaxed and arms
wide open
as if to hug the mattress and
thank it for its comfort
Sometimes hearing
Sometimes seeing
and Sometimes reaching out and
feeling for your
Baby breath that swooshes softly out
of you
in perfect rhythm with Mother Earth
What dreams have you
Spinning colors and floats of merriment
Or fantastic beings like angels and smiling dogs
Mommy sits with open eyes and Daddy soars you
Through endless airgames
What dreams have you
Simple things
Cookies that stay cookielike when bitten
and blades of grass that shoot cool sparks when you
Pluck them in amazement from endless parks
Talking balloons that laugh and play
Soaring around you like butterflies
What dreams have you
People in love
looking at each other in bliss and happiness
Strangers not conceptualized
All people are good.
What dreams have you
G-d and light
I hear you talk about la la la
Can you feel my heart across this room?
I watch. And wonder about baby dreams.
And wish I could dream them too.

©2012 Harry Fagel all rights reserved

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