FatCat Motherfuckers

by Harry Fagel ~ March 18th, 2012. Filed under: Poetry.

See me you fat cat motherfuckers

See me down here on my public patch that I cultivated from my own

Sweat and tears and built on the foundation that I carved with help from the lovers and loved in my life

See me you fat cat motherfuckers

See me spinning in a closing circle looking for the exit that has to be here in the mountain of debt I have

Consume consume consume consume

I go out in the day and in the night

Clad in the law and armed with stick and gun and light and loud mouth

I go out and risk it all

Sometimes for the innocent child beaten by endless fists

Sometimes for the innocent traveler waylaid by blood-letters

Sometimes for the innocent woman who just meant to nurture but mostly

I go out and risk it all for

Cracked out crazy methamphetamine high junkie wife beaters who lost their job and will to survive

Back in the summer of 92 and still they

Muster oxygen and have the strength to try and murder me when I walk by in my tans

See me you fat cat motherfuckers

I’m down here on my little scratch my misty point my scrabbled stones

Bought into it all key being bought into it

The more I have

The more I mean, right?

Stuff stuffed in stuffing

House bulging with wads of stuff I use to fill up the holes that were burned into me when I was but a Child poor me poor me what with the alcoholics and neurotics and psychotics surrounding my upbringing

See me you fat cat motherfuckers all decked out in silk and brass and huge cash wads and

See me struggle against the wait of my needs that you assured me I needed

I aint no welfare case

I aint no slug on drugs

I aint no beat off

I aint no pariah

Just a man, a dad, a husband a warrior

Now I have my beautiful family wrapped up in the same clown car

Sitting in our house

Working my ass off

Wife working her ass off

Spinning wheels in the cast off slick slimy vomit of greed

See me you fat cat motherfuckers do you see the tears drip drip dripping down my face as I grin

Through this temporal rift this unexpected shift this newcomer to thrift I am now

I can’t be beat with the the brass knuckles of WANT if I don’t HAVE so I give it away give it away give it away now

All the things don’t mean a thing when stacked to my youngest telling me he loves me or to my oldest telling me he loves me or my wife telling me she loves me and me encircling them all with the good arms the Lord gave me and knowing it’s going to all be Ok when

Chase bank takes our house away

See me fat cat motherfuckers

I will be ok.



©2012 Harry Fagel all rights reserved


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