Awake For Awake’s Sake

by Harry Fagel ~ February 12th, 2012. Filed under: Poetry.

There was a risk


In drinking all that coffee so late

So late into the night

Even mixed with booze it

Courses through veins, arteries, capillaries


Beating a pattern on the inside of my skull

Hieroglyphics spelling out

Deathchants and rainbows

Fingers spasm and shake

Eyes fritter and pop

Teeth grind and in the end its

Asleep awake at the keyboard

Poetry singeing the plastic

Morphing the letters into looping nothing

Here again

Caught in the turmoil that is the

Mind awake

Searching and sweating

Cursing and reviewing

Random discourse set in the fiery lightning that

Connects the dots of my thoughts in this

Swirling madness of

Alertness I reach and reach and reach over and

Pummel, destroy,  and finally obliterate the

Snooze button.

Copyright 2010 Harry Fagel

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