by Harry Fagel ~ March 31st, 2012. Filed under: Poetry.

You get to watch that television
In America
From the comfort zone
Even in the ghetto cable T.V. blares loudly
And there is always cheese in America
Big blocks of whole milk created bliss
Passed out from big Gov-en-ment trucks by
Smiling youngsters
You can skateboard in America
Past the parks and parking lots
In and out and over and under as long as there are no bored cops around
To rip your wheels out from under you and send ya packing
In America
Children worry about what brand of shoes to wear
What brand of cereal to eat
What brand of toy to play with
What brand of gun to shoot
But that’s OK
Parents worry about the same stuff in
Fretting about this and that and this and that and
I love America
Because you can say these things
All you want
And no one comes booting in your door at 3 am
And makes you disappear forever
In America
You can make art and show it to almost anyone anywhere and
No “Representative of the People” will come and chop off your
Hand or
Head or
In America people have created time to still dream
To imagine kindness as a gift
To give love in the strangest of places
To believe in something bigger and better
In America
We try to try to try to just get along
We forgive and forget
We Want so badly to be equal yet demand that we remain different in

In America you can go to the movies
Buy cars
Get married
Have children
Make love
Run for office
Play all day
Dance all night
Drink booze
Smoke ciggy butts
Serve your Country
Write books
Practice Religion
Practice Magic
Practice Sports
Become famous
Become quiet
In America you can
Strongly disagree
Most of all in America you can make a difference for yourself and blessedly
For others too
This beautiful creature
Stretched out across oceans
Billions of everything living in her belly
Animals and


©2012 Harry Fagel all rights reserved

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